Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game Stretch Goals Box Review

Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game and its Boss Expansion come in slickly-produced boxes that are ready for store shelves. Meanwhile, the stretch goals box is…short on style points. Everything is packed in an otherwise non-descript cardboard box save for the black print on its face. Considering its steep $150 price point, I wish Jasco Games had a better way of presenting this content.

Where it lacks in presentation it makes up for with the plethora of goodies inside the box.

When you open the lid, you’re greeted to a first layer filled with figures. In total, you’re getting 14 high-quality figures featuring intricate sculpting and excellent paint jobs.

Of these 14, 12 are unique characters for use in the game. One is an alternative Cammy figure in her M. Bison costume, which can be used in battle instead of her classic figure. The other is the Capcom Cup. If characters are your priority, the stretch goals box provides the best value if you can stomach its hefty asking price. Also, between this and the base game, you’ll have pretty much every character in the Street Fighter II canon, save for M. Bison and Akuma.

Though you’ll miss out on those two classic baddies, this set does include Gouken, who is also classified as a boss-level character. Similar to Akuma and M. Bison in the Boss Expansion, Gouken can be played as a standard character or as a boss. He comes with his own tracker with extra hit points, a boss card deck, and Nemesis event cards. Gouken may be the least desirable of the boss characters currently available, but this box is the best way to unlock the 3v1 mode while also picking up a ton of new characters in the process.

One of the more provocative design choices that the board game makes is that combat is played on a “3D” battlefield. While one could house rule the base game so that combat is only played across one row, the stretch goals box comes with Ryu and Ken’s stage as a 2D battlefield. Really nice touch for players wanting to play the game in a way that feels more like the video game.

Further connecting the board game to its source material is the inclusion of the car smashing mini game. Nine tiles represent the car and players compete against one another to collect the most tiles by demolishing the vehicle from every angle. It’s a silly inclusion that you probably won’t play more than once, but it’s a neat extra.

Paying $150 for an expansion is going to be a tough sell. But relative to the other options available, the value proposition of the stretch goals box is unmatched. Adding 12 more characters, access to 3v1 boss battles, Nemesis mode, “2D” stages, and even the car smashing mini game makes this quite possibly the only expansion you need to buy. Though I eventually want them all, the stretch goals expansion is the best one to grab first if you can handle its asking price.

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