What’s My Motivation?

Having just finished Episodes From Liberty City, it inspired me to write something about the role of motivation in games, and how my motivation towards these two Grand Theft Auto IV add-ons made me feel very differently in spite of being different takes on the same core thing.

The Grand Theft Auto IV Swan Song

After playing The Lost and Damned, I wasn’t sure what to expect from The Ballad of Gay Tony. While the Lost and Damned did a lot of things to separate itself from the core Grand Theft Auto experience, I don’t think all of it was worth while. I really loved the characterization in The Lost and Damned, but there was a very distinct point where the focus gets taken away from the main conflict and when you finally come back to it, the conclusion doesn’t give you the payoff you were hoping for. All the while, I was struggling to get re-acquainted with the Grand Theft Auto controls.
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