The Recurring Bosscast: 032 – Google Search Sexy Men

With the final Bosscast of 2013, the gang shares their picks for game of the year!

Games Mentioned: Tearaway, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, Sylanders: Swap Force, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Centipede: Infestation, Nintendo Land, and our picks for game of the year!

Jett – In Third Person
Jason – Downstab
Mat – Biff Bam Pop

I don’t like this style of game, but…

During Black Friday, I bought a copy of LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes. Historically, I haven’t been a fan of the LEGO games, as I don’t have fun playing them. Quite frankly, I suck at them. I always get stuck on the puzzles, even though they’re designed for little kids to figure out. In spite of that, I still bought this in hopes that the Marvel license and a sale price of $25 would be the turning point. After two hours of disappointing play time, I packed it up and traded it in.

The “I normally don’t like this style but…” purchase is one that, in hindsight, I make way too often.

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