Snap Judgments: Microsoft and Sony’s 2011 E3 Press Conferences

Having just wrapped up watching the E3 2011 Sony press event, I though I’d share some quick thoughts on what I saw of Sony and Microsoft’s press events. I won’t speak too much on the specifics, as other major gaming sites will do a much better job of discussing the specifics. However, I wanted to share my general opinions on what I saw today.

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Let’s Talk About the Sony NGP (or PSP2)

After months (if not years) of speculation, Sony has revealed the successor to the PSP. It’s currently called the NGP, though I think it’s silly that they didn’t just call it the PSP2 out of the gate. If you’re looking for nitty gritty hardware specs or a listing of upcoming games, there are other outlets that will do a much better job of covering that type of stuff than I ever will. In short, it’s roughly as powerful as a PS3. It has two analog sticks, a touch screen and a rear touch pad. It also has an Uncharted game coming out for it.

If you’re already up on the latest NGP news though, let’s talk about it.
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