Returning to Rose in Street Fighter V

Rose in the Street Fighter IV series will forever be my muse. When I made my ascendency from fighting game scrub to competent combatant, I did so by honing my skills with this formidable fortune teller. Beyond my personal growth as a fighting game player, I felt a connection so deep with Rose that I felt like it was actually me throwing the fireballs and swinging her magic scarf. Since then, I’ve found main characters in different fighting games that I enjoy playing as, but nothing compares to the bond I have with Street Fighter IV Rose.

That connection was severed as players migrated to Street Fighter V. With her not being a part of that game’s roster, I was forced to fight with someone else. Rashid has been a great ally to me, but it wasn’t the same. Even as the game’s mechanics and character balance were refined over time, a Rose-shaped hole in my heart still existed.

Until now. Welcome back, my friend.

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