Adventures into Spray Paint Art: Much to Learn

Attempting spray paint art for the first time unlocked a sense of unbridled freedom from within. Coming from a place where my expectations were non-existent and I was partaking in this activity strictly for fun, I had a great time just making what felt good in the moment. That early win was enough to inspire another go around, but it also created a new level of expectations that changed the vibe around this latest session.

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Dreams of Working in the Game-Making Industry

Do you have dreams of making video games? If so, are you actively honing your skills? Or are your dreams simmering in the back of your mind till the time comes?

There was a brief moment in time as a kid when I listed “video game maker” as one of my dream jobs. Though I had no idea what the process of making a video game entailed, it seemed like a logical occupation to aim for because of my love for the medium. I sort of wish I could tell you that my story ends happily ever after with the dream game-making job (whatever that means), but my story may at least be blog post worthy.

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