Adventures into Spray Paint Art: Much to Learn

Attempting spray paint art for the first time unlocked a sense of unbridled freedom from within. Coming from a place where my expectations were non-existent and I was partaking in this activity strictly for fun, I had a great time just making what felt good in the moment. That early win was enough to inspire another go around, but it also created a new level of expectations that changed the vibe around this latest session.

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The Most Epic Street Fighter Win

Taunting has been part of fighting games since the dawn of Street Fighter II. Hate it or love it, someone out there is talking trash to the person they’re playing against, hitting the taunt command just before finishing them off or sending others bitter messages over XBOX Live or PSN. In the right context, I think there’s absolutely a place in the scene for taunting, whether that be to mentally guard break your opponent or as a means of celebration. A lot of people do it the wrong way, which gives taunting a bad name, but when done right, I’m all for it.

Below is an example of it done right. So right. In fact, this might be the most epic fighting game celebration to date.
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