Boss Rush Episode 17

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A few weeks after the release of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, it’s still the one big thing the Boss Rush crew still wants to talk about! We go in-depth on our thoughts of this hit strategy game, covering everything from its updated battle system, to its heavy emphasis on relationship building, to our strategies for wooing waifus and husbandos!

We also touch on some other games we’ve been playing, including Cat Quest, Pillars of Eternity, and WWF No Mercy. Finally, we end the show with a related game! Can you guess the prices of these gaming-related items! After that, we just browsed the site for half an hour and died laughing the whole time!


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WWF No Mercy – Recreating Summerslam 2000 and Discussing Summerslam 2019

On the eve of attending Summerslam 2019, I celebrate by recreating Summerslam 2000 in WWF No Mercy! While I lose to the computer on Expert difficulty, we talk about the women’s revolution in wrestling, predictions for Summerslam 2019, Rock Band nostalgia, and games that caused our hype levels to peak before they launched!


Stink Face!

nWo Championship Belt

Don’t Get Married


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My Post-Modern Approach to Following Professional Wrestling

My interest in professional wrestling comes in phases. In the early 90s, when I was an impressionable youngster who thought wrestling was real, I idolized the likes of Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, and Bret Hart. I cried when Shawn Michaels kicked Marty Jannetty through the glass, officially ending The Rockers as a tag team. After a few year hiatus, I jumped back on board thanks to the one-two punch of fantastic AKI-made Nintendo 64 games and some of the best stories and action during the Monday Night Wars. I was even in attendance for Wrestlemania X8, where I screamed my lungs out as Hulk Hogan faced The Rock in one of the most legendary bouts of all time.

After ECW folded into the WWE in the 2000s, I took a long hiatus. Oddly, it was my wife who pulled me back in a few years ago, as she went through a phase where she was deeply invested in the Total Divas reality TV show. When the opportunity arose for us to see her favourite wrestlers perform at a local event, I’ve been “sort of” following the scene again ever since.

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I Got a Nintendo 64! Now What?

A few months back, I was dismayed to find out that my Nintendo 64 had disappeared in my parents’ house. It may still hiding somewhere, but I decided it was better off to move on. Having visited many stores and perused the classified listings, my search had been fruitless. Not that there weren’t Nintendo 64 consoles available, just not at a price I was willing to pay. At Hamilton Comic Con, luck was finally on my side. What do I do now with my newfound spoils?

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A Look Back at WCW vs. NWO World Tour

Before WCW vs. NWO World Tour, wrestling video games were very basic. Wrestlers were cartoony, move sets were limited and they primarily offered an arcade-like experience. For video game players of that time, this genre of game was fun for what it was. However, the genre definitely was lacking in the (dare I say it) realism department. As a wrestling fan at the time, I was disappointed in the fact that most of the games in the genre had only a handful of characters, a single shared move list across all characters except for finishers, and limited use of weapons (if there were weapons at all). I wanted to play a wrestling game that felt more like I was actually playing a WWF match, rather than playing a beat-em-up that just so happens to take place inside a wrestling ring.

Then I played WCW vs. NWO World Tour.

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