Review: Pix N’ Love Rush

Do you remember a time before Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo Entertainment System? An era where games like Pac-Man, Space Invaders and Donkey Kong ruled the scene? Pix N’ Love Rush feels like a game heavily inspired by games of that era. For gamers that fondly remember that era, you’ll feel right at home here with it’s modernized pixelated look, chip-tune music and simple play mechanics. For everyone else, there’s still a fun iPhone game worth your $0.99.
Pix N’ Love Rush is part platformer, part Wario Ware. As the pixelated dinosaur, your objective is to collect as many consecutive “+” icons as you can without touching a “-” block, touching a bat or dying. Where the Wario Ware element comes in is that the levels you’re in switch every 15-20 seconds or so.

There isn’t really much more to say about the gameplay other than the fact that it executes on its core mechanics really well. The control is great, the graphics are very “retro-evolved” in the way that Geometry Wars looks old, but new. The music is also very fitting, as it features one main song done chip-tune style. Once you get past the 5-minute mode, the brunt of your time with Pix N’ Love Rush will be spent in the endless mode as you try and score as many points as possible to secure your place on the online leaderboards.

Pix N’ Love Rush does not reinvent the wheel, but translates the essence of what made the pre-Super Mario games of yesteryear into a package that’s still fun today. It also doesn’t hurt that this game’s regular price is only $0.99. Give it a look if you’re looking for some retro-inspired action.

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