Pick Up Post: Nintendo Wii Fightstick By Hori

Wii owners with a fighting game itch have very little to scratch it. While Tatsunoko vs. Capcom is awesome and there are no shortage of Street Fighter games on Virtual Console, it still pales in comparison to the plethora of fighting games on the XBOX 360 and Playstation 3. On top of that, joystick options are limited too. All Wii owners have are the Mad Catz SE fightstick packed in with Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, the Hori Wii fightstick and the Intec Combat Arcade Stick, which I don’t trust one bit.

I still want the Mad Catz stick, but in my country I can only get it with Tatsunoko vs. Capcom; a game I already have. Instead, I grabbed the Nintendo Wii Fightstick by Hori. My experience with Hori has been hit and miss, but after putting it through its paces, this one thankfully is in the former category.

The Nintendo Wii Fightstick by Hori is definitely an entry-level quality stick. If you’re looking for something as good as a Mad Catz TE or a Hori HRAP, this is not it. Unfortunately, there are no high-end sticks for the Wii available. Even though I love my TE, the Hori stick works really well.

The buttons and joystick are responsive and work exactly like you would want them to. Fightstick experts will be able to tell that they’re not Sanwa parts, but these aren’t bad, either. The games read my inputs fine and I haven’t had any problems with buttons breaking so far (knock on wood).

I’ve put it through its paces on the Super Nintendo port of Street Fighter II, the Super Nintendo port of Street Fighter Alpha 2 and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. It was a bit disorienting playing these games on a stick, having never really played stick with any of them, but once I got it down I definitely enjoyed it more than the classic controller experience.

The big surprise to me about this stick was how stable it was. This stick is more in line with the Hori Tekken 6 stick in terms of dimensions and weight, but it was far more stable than the Tekken 6 stick. The Tekken 6 stick noticeably slides around my lap, which can make it difficult to use at times. However, this Wii fightstick was fairly stable, even without the weight of a TE stick under it.

If you’re looking for turbo functions, this stick has them too. There is only on/off settings for individual buttons, so you can’t get too detailed with it. However, for those requiring turbo, it should do the trick fine.

For those looking for an alternative to the Mad Catz SE stick on Wii, the Nintendo Wii Fightstick by Hori is a great choice. The catch is, this stick has long since been out of print, so getting a hold of one now may prove difficult. I’ve only ever seen this stick twice in my life: once at the Nintendo World Store in New York City two years ago, and once at Fan Expo Canda.

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