Girlfriend Gaming: God of War Collection

For the last few months, my girlfriend has made it clear to me that she’s wanted to play God of War. Each time she’s said that to me, I’ve given her the same puzzled look. When I think about video games she likes, I think of stuff like Just Dance, Crash Team Racing and the Raving Rabbids series. Based on what I knew of her taste at the time, I thought a series where players kill thousands of monsters in brutal fashion wasn’t up her alley.

I picked up God of War Collection recently for two reasons. One, because I’ve been curious about this series for a while now and two, because I wanted to see if my girlfriend would actually get into it. I’ve yet to start this game on my own, but she’s already killed Medusa and can’t wait to play more.

Having watching her play, it’s cool to see how much she enjoys the combat. At its core, the combat systems are fairly simple, but extremely rewarding. With just a few button presses, you can pull off some very impressive combos. She hasn’t explored the depths of what the fighting system has to offer, but I can see how much she enjoys the empowerment that the game gives you.

What really sets the combat over the top for her I think are the quick time events. I recall her being so hyped after finishing the first set of quick time events to beat the first Hydra encounter, which rewarded her with Kratos doing some super cool attack and dodge moves. During one encounter with a Minotaur, she actually said, “Eat it!” as she made Kratos shove his blade down the Minotaur’s throat. I’m generally not a fan of quick time events, but I think the God of War quick time events do an awesome job of rewarding players with an awesome fighting sequence.

There were only a few points where she had some trouble. Early on in the first level, Kratos has to kick a box to a certain point without the archers breaking it. She got frustrated after a few tries and passed the controller onto me. I too, got frustrated with this sequence, because the archers would hit the box way too frequently, causing it to break. The other time she passed the controller to me was during the Hydra battle. Defeating the last Hydra head can be really frustrating for a number of reasons. The Hydra will regularly knock you off the platform, it attacks very fast, you can only hit it during certain times and you have to hit it a lot in order to trigger the next quick time event.

Outside of those moments, she’s really enjoying God of War. She’s kicking butt left, right and centre and can’t wait to play more. She’s even told me that God of War collection is a must-buy for her when she gets her own Playstation 3. Goes to show that you can’t always predict a person’s taste in games based on what they already play.

I’ve only played God of War collection for roughly 10 minutes during times when she got stuck on something, so I don’t think I’m ready to discuss the game in detail from my own perspective. However, watching her play this game has made me more excited than ever to give this one a go on my own. I know I’m late to the party on this one, but look out for my God of War Collection impressions on In Third Person in the near future.

3 thoughts on “Girlfriend Gaming: God of War Collection

  1. Gil September 20, 2010 / 10:39 AM

    I finished up the first one on the compilation disc and I need to start on the second one. They are both great games and I don’t want to start part 3 until I finish up part 2. Yes the combat is extremely satisfying though at times frustrating depending on the enemy combinations you are battling. Magic comes in handy during those situations. Oh and that crate at the beginning… yes it’s frustrating. It really helps to do the Kratos kick though. While grabbing an object, hold the circle button (I think) and let go when he’s fully charged. Should push the crate pretty far. I think it takes about 3 times to get it to that back wall. Trying to push it all the way almost always guarantees the crate being destroyed by those archers.

    • Josh January 18, 2011 / 3:20 AM

      Tell me about it, when I finished that part I pumped my fist into the air in hurra, damn that was satisfying.

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