Pick Up Post: I Bought Super Street Fighter IV Again?

When it comes to owning multiple copies of the same game, I’ve set this precedent for myself before. I’ve owned Mario All-Stars when I had the original NES versions. I also own SNES and Virtual Console versions of Street Fighter II and Contra III because those games are awesome.

I love Super Street Fighter IV. It very well might be my favourite Street Fighter game of all-time. When it’s all said and done, this game might even be in my top 10 for favourite game of all-time. But do I need two copies of this game? Now? My wallet said yes, but I’m not so sure I really do.

Why did I even bother double dipping? I have a number of friends that want to play Super Street Fighter IV with me on PS3, particularly a certain coworker who I play Street Fighter with at lunch everyday who only owns a PS3 and that hates the XBOX 360 controller with a passion. I also figured that starting with a clean new profile will allow me to practice new characters without fear of destroying my XBOX 360 player and battle ratings. In my head, I sort of hope that these reasons will justify me buying another copy. In order to ease the hurt a little bit, I bought a used copy at a discounted price.

If you’re wondering what the differences are between the PS3 and 360 versions of the game, the answer is, not much. There are some slight graphical differences, I’ve heard that the PS3 version runs 1 frame per second slower than the XBOX 360 version and the games handle loading/saving differently, but there’s nothing on the disc that will make or break the experience for you.

What could though is the controller. My Mad Catz TE has become my weapon of choice and I can handle myself well on an XBOX 360 controller or Wii classic controller, but I can’t stand the DualShock 3 for this. I’m really struggling with the shape of the d-pad, as having only the tips of the d-pad is really messing up my inputs. I find that jumping forwards or backwards is inconsistent for me, as is completing super and ultra moves that require quarter-circle motions. Blocking is also an issue, as the lack of any sort of diagonal button to press is causing me to lose my block at inopportune times.

I’ve been trying to overcome this with practice, but I recently encountered another problem. After about 20 minutes of trying to execute specific Akuma combos that require me to hit L1 a lot, my left hand actually cramped up into a claw position and it hurt like crazy. I know when it comes to non-joystick controllers, most people prefer the Playstation 3 controller over the XBOX 360 one. I guess I’m still in the minority on this. Regardless of what system you have, make sure you play this with the controller of your choice to avoid unnecessary hand pain and frustration.

As a means of playing with friends no matter what system they have, it’s a nice luxury to have. However, for the majority of the population, owning the same game for different systems probably isn’t the best investment. I’m hoping that I can get enough play time out of the PS3 version to justify my purchase, but I think I’ll be saving all serious play on the XBOX 360 version where I can use my TE fightstick.

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