Movember Special: Gaming’s Definitive Moustaches

I’m not sure if Movemeber is an international movement, but it’s a really big thing in North America. Many men (and maybe women, I’m not discriminating) are growing moustaches to raise awareness for prostate cancer. I am not growing a moustache, because I do not have the facial hair follicles to grow anything that looks halfway respectable, but I will definitely donate to the cause at some point.

As a way of raising awareness to the cause, I thought it’d be cool to highlight some of gaming’s most definitive moustaches. This is far from a complete list, so I’d love to see what moustaches you think deserve recognition!

Super Mario

Gaming’s most famous ‘stache actually has a cool story to it. In fact, the entire creation of Mario is a cool story in itself. I could paraphrase, but I think Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto would explain it better than I ever could:

From CNN:

We had to draw Mario as a small character and at the same time, we had to make him look human. To do that, we needed to draw a distinctive feature for him, such as giving him a big nose. We gave him a moustache so that we didn’t need to draw a mouth. It is difficult to show facial expressions with small characters. We gave him big hands. Since we were trying to create something distinctive in the character, it was natural to draw something like that.

Captain Price

Captain Price has been a staple in every Call of Duty game. Though he’s showed up in different forms, the Modern Warfare iteration of Captain Price is probably the most recognizable. Besides having the skills to take out hundreds of enemy soldiers on his own and the will to survive being imprisoned in a Russian gulag, his facial hair is pretty intense. I could never live with that combination of beard and moustache on my face, which automatically makes Captain Price more of a man than I.

Dr. Robotnik/Eggman

Whether you’re a purist who will always know him as Robotnik, or a youngster who always knew him as Eggman, Sonic the Hedgehog’s arch nemesis lands on this list for obvious reasons. Besides the fact that he stars in the still-popular Sonic the Hedgehog series, he has what is likely the most unkempt moustache in the business. Someone get that guy a Mach 10 razor or a weed whacker.

Adolf Hitler

The world’s most infamous moustache has made it’s way into the video game world on a number of occasions. He’s appeared in Wolfenstein a few times (in human and robot form) and referenced in countless World War II shooters. My favourite Hitler appearance though has to be in Bionic Commando, where the game ends with you making his head explode in gory 8-bit detail. As much as I love Bionic Command: Rearmed, I never quite finished it, which means I never got to see Hitler’s head explode in HD glory.

It’s awkward for me to type some sort of transition between exploding Hitler head and Movember, but I’m going to try to anyway. Movember is a great cause that is absolutely worth your time and resources. Grow a moustache and/or donate today

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