Eyes-On – Rhythm Heaven Fever

I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is more…Rhythm Heaven? To my surprise, the Rhythm Heaven franchise is back on North American shores; this time on the Wii. While the DS original was wildly popular in Japan, the game’s inherent craziness in a way that only Japan can provide pretty much sealed its fate as a cult hit at best everywhere else in the world.

My brother, who was a huge fan of the original, recently picked up a copy of Rhythm Heaven Fever. I took some time out to watch him play. Did watching the game win me over like it won my brother over? Or did I find it as culturally inpenetrable as the Mr. Sparkle commercial?

If you haven’t played a Rhythm Heaven game before, the easiest way to describe it is that it’s like a rhythm-based WarioWare. Each mini-game is wacky, relatively short and requires you to enter a sequence of buttons to a particular rhythm. The rhythms themselves are tapped out using either the A button or the A+B button on the Wii remote. While this sounds pretty basic, the sequences can get really elaborate, especially during the remix stages that mash a number of different mini-games together into one big song.

I’d really like to give it a go this week. Though I never played the original, this one looks like it’d be fun. Unfortunately, with the move coming up and having been under the weather for over a week now, I probably won’t get a chance to play this until after I move. Maybe I’ll borrow it from my brother when he’s done with it, or maybe I’ll just pick up my own copy, as it’s only $29.99.

Original Rhythm Heaven fans will most likely dig this one too. If you haven’t played a Rhythm Heaven game before, the discounted price sure doesn’t hurt. If the video above looks like something you’d be interested in trying and you’re in the mood for something ‘out there’, then I’m sure this is a good pick-up.

Buy Rhythm Heaven Fever From Amazon.com

See More at the In Third Person Store

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