Rock Band 4 Review

It’s easy for me to romanticize about the glory days of Rock Band. From the hundreds of songs I’ve purchased, to the countless number of hours I had playing that series with friends, to the way the games inspired me to start learning real instruments, its influence on my life can’t be ignored. As much as I adore that franchise, there are reasons why I – and many others – abandoned the entire genre years ago and haven’t really looked back.

Are people ready for the return of Rock Band? Am I ready for its return? Whether we’re ready for it or not, Rock Band 4 is here, hoping we’ll all get our bands back together.

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Eyes-On – Rhythm Heaven Fever

I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is more…Rhythm Heaven? To my surprise, the Rhythm Heaven franchise is back on North American shores; this time on the Wii. While the DS original was wildly popular in Japan, the game’s inherent craziness in a way that only Japan can provide pretty much sealed its fate as a cult hit at best everywhere else in the world.

My brother, who was a huge fan of the original, recently picked up a copy of Rhythm Heaven Fever. I took some time out to watch him play. Did watching the game win me over like it won my brother over? Or did I find it as culturally inpenetrable as the Mr. Sparkle commercial?

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