Trials Evolution: Origin of Pain DLC Review

As much as I love Trials Evolution, I haven’t played it since wrapping up my review. Once I unlocked the extreme tracks, which I will never have the skill to complete, I set the game down and moved onto other things. Sure, I could have kept myself busy all of this time with user-created tracks, but it just fell out of my rotation. The Origins of Pain DLC pack aims to bring players like me back to the fold with 36 new tracks, more skill games, and a hundred extra track creator objects to play with.

For me, Trials is all about mastering each and every one-player track. Of the 36 new tracks, 26 are of that variety, while the other 10 are Supercross. Personally, I wish it was all of the included tracks were of the single-player variety, but I guess that’s being picky. Of the 26, they’re spread out across the different difficulty levels. All of these tracks show off a number of the new backgrounds and objects, which are also available for use in the editor. I love how most of these new additions go off the deep end in terms of wackiness, which lead to tracks that throw realism out the window in favour of sheer fun. Within the first few hours, I was able to complete all but one of the hard tracks, and all three extreme tracks, though my scores were mediocre at best. If your goal is to ace everything, this could keep you busy for awhile.

The new bike isn’t a motorcycle at all. Instead, you now get access to a BMX bicycle. It accelerates super quickly, blazes through straightaways, and is ominously quiet without the rumbling of a motor. It is definitely a challenge to handle, as it requires extreme delicacy with your acceleration, but mastering it could pay dividends in the end.

If you’re looking for an excuse to jump back into Trials Evolution, Origin of Pain should do the trick. For 400 Microsoft points, you get a nice amount of tracks, a new vehicle, and a lot of new objects to play with in the editor. If you’re just looking to play through the single player content, it’ll last you a few hours on your first run, and possibly many more as you try and perfect them.

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