Early God of War III Impressions

Immediately continuing where God of War II left off, Kratos finds himself riding a titan as they venture together to the top of Mount Olympus to give Zeus a cold serving of revenge. I had some concerns going into God of War III, because the tried-and-true God of War formula got stale to me towards the end of God of War II. However, the start of God of War III turns the formula on its head with one of the best opening sequences I’ve ever played in a video game, as it has you fighting while on top of the titan as it’s trying to climb the mountain. It’s so wildly creative, violent and downright fun to play, that I would imagine this being better than most ending sequences in video games. As I was playing through this, I kept asking myself, “How does the game keep this momentum up from here?”

The answer is: it doesn’t. After the game moves past that crazy first sequence, it settles down to the rhythm I felt playing the previous two games. That rhythm won me over in a big way in the original, but I was worn out by it as I played through the second. Though there are definitely some high points between the beginning and Hermes (the segment of the game I’m currently at), everything past the opening pales in comparison to the opening sequence.

It’s made it sort of difficult for the game to hold my attention, as I can’t help but feel that the game peaked way too early. I’ll probably continue to chip away at God of War III in hopes of finishing it before God of War: Ascension hits, but we’ll see.

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