2012 Year in Review: Worst Game of the Year

As a mostly independent games writer, I don’t play much in the way of bad games. I generally play what I want and leave it at that. Because of this, I usually do not award games with the title of worst game of the year.

With that said, I did play at least one terrible game. One that was critically panned. One that hurt my soul as I played through it to completion. I normally don’t do this, but this title is definitely deserving of In Third Person’s worst.


When I first joined Splitkick as a writer, I volunteered to review Bloodforge as my first assignment. Not knowing anything beyond its developer (who made the solid Silent Hill: Shattered Memories), and its impressive pre-release marketing materials, I thought that this game would at least be decent. Boy, did my crystal ball fail me.

It is the worst type of derivative. Ripping off only the surface-level elements of God of War, it seemingly goes out of its way to be a worse game in every conceivable way. If for whatever reason you’d like to learn more about why this game qualifies as one of this year’s worst, feel free to check out my review on Splitkick. Otherwise, just stay clear of this game completely.


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