How About That Sim City Launch?

PC coverage is not my forte, but the catastrophe of Sim City‘s launch is nothing short of epic. At the very least, it’s worth following up on this as it was the Bosscast Topic of the Week on the last episode of The Recurring Bosscast. Since launch, the game has royally upset many consumers who can’t play the game at all due to a extreme lack of servers that the game needs to support players. It’s gotten to the point where has currently stopped selling digital versions of the game, EA has stopped advertising the game, and they’re trying to make good with their consumers by offering them a free title later on.

I know that finding the right balance of servers to support your day 1 consumers is tough, especially when the upfront demand will peter out almost immediately and the investment on extra servers would go to waste if you overspend. However, for a game as dependent on servers as this one (and a game with this level of popularity), they should have known better. Also, haven’t we found a better solution to launching online-dependant games since the original World of Warcraft?

Also, is the hard work that Maxis did in making this game all for naught thanks to this technical failure and PR disaster? Word of this has spread far and wide, which may have severely impacted people’s decision to buy this game. There’s a chance that by the time this has been all sorted out, people have already moved on.

As a console gamer, this unfortunate reality hasn’t hit me yet. However, there have been rumors stating that the next Xbox will require a always-on connection. Is this going to be the reality everywhere? I really hope not.

I normally would end these pieces with a link to buy the product on Amazon, regardless of quality. Even if I think a game sucks, I’ll drop the link in there for you to ultimately make that call. However, as of writing, I think it’s pretty disingenuous for me to promote buying a game that as of writing, doesn’t really work.

If you’ve got Sim City, I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

3 thoughts on “How About That Sim City Launch?

  1. Josh March 12, 2013 / 4:29 AM

    If it’s EA and it ain’t Bioware, I’m not playing it.

  2. handsnface March 12, 2013 / 7:12 PM

    I did not buy SimCity but always online DRM is a bad idea for several reasons. It’s unfortunate that EA believed this would prevent piracy anyway since torrents with versions of the game that actually work are already floating around while people who paid for the game are screwed. That will always be the case. Providing incentives to buy should always be the most important element.

    • Jett March 12, 2013 / 10:53 PM

      EA has said that re-engineering this game to not require an online connection, though recent reports suggest that all of the main computing is done locally. I know there’s other stuff going on in the back end besides online DRM, but it’s a shame they built it this way.

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