The Walking Dead: 400 Days Review

It’s been a few months since the final episode of The Walking Dead left me in tears. While Telltale Games isn’t quite ready to roll out the next full season, they’ve provided us with a special episode to bridge the gap between the two. Though The Walking Dead: 400 Days as an experience is rather short, it’s an interesting tease for what’s to come.

This special episode veers a little bit from the largely linear structure of season one. Most of the game is broken out into five vignettes that star different characters that can be played in any order. As you progress through each one, you’ll see how each of these character’s threads intertwine with one another, while also tying into the events of the first game.

While I would have liked for there to be a bit more meat to each character’s back story, they do get just enough in there to make things interesting. Also, you’ll have to make a bunch of gnarly decisions in the process that will push your resolve. My favourite thread was Bonnie’s, who finds herself having to deal with love triangle drama while escaping from gun-wielding maniacs.

At just under two hours in length, this isn’t an episode as juicy as the others. However, this is a nice supplement to tide you over until the real next season begins. It establishes a new cast while setting up the overarching plot in season two. If you’re a fan of the series, there’s no reason to pass this up.

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One thought on “The Walking Dead: 400 Days Review

  1. JJ M. (@jjmahoney3) July 24, 2013 / 10:23 AM

    I really enjoyed it. I had the benefit of having played through season 1 for the first time the week before 400 Days came out (which was a nice surprise when they announced the release date). I wasn’t expecting it to be as juicy or meaty as the main series since you only get 20-30 minutes per character. But it did a good job of tiding me over until season 2 comes out.

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