Pick-Up Post: Fan Expo 2013 Edition

Fan Expo Swag Full

Every year, Fan Expo is especially harsh on my wallet. I rarely get access to much in the way of nerdy stuff to buy, let alone everything I could ever want in one place. This year proved extra fruitful, as I bought or got pretty much everything on my wish list and then some. In case you’re interested, here’s what I got!

Fan Expo 2013 Toys

Our first stop at the show was a booth in the sports area. As it turns out, they found a bunch of old X-Men figurines in their basement and figured that this was a way to get rid of them. Besides being the era of X-Men that I’m into, she was charging notably less for these toys than everyone else at the show. I quickly scooped up her Wolverine in street clothes, Magneto and Storm.

photo(2)Going into this show, I had my sights set on a Magneto hoodie and a Street Fighter X Tokidoki shirt. I got both, though I almost scooped up a Wolverine costume hoodie instead. This is the outfit I use when playing as Logan in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, which gives it more of a personal meaning to me. However, it’s not nearly as recognizable as the iconic Magneto look. I also got a Fan Expo event t-shirt as part of my ticket package, a Maliwan gun manufacturer shirt, and was given a promotional PlayStation 4 shirt after trying out the system at the PlayStation booth.

photo(3)Over the past year or so, tabletop gaming has become a bigger part of Steff and I’s life. Last time we were at Fan Expo, we bought Cards Against Humanity, which quickly became a favourite among our family and friends. This year, we jumped in way deeper. At the first booth we went to, Steff scooped up a used copy of Donkey Kong Jenga for only $5. Most booths were selling the new version for $30, which made this a great deal. We’ve been looking to expand our Munchkin experience, which we did by buying an expansion. We found the Snakes and Lattes people to be extremely helpful, as they gave us recommendations based on our tabletop gaming interests. Through them, we picked up DC Comics Deck-Building Game, Card of the Dead and Love Letter. We haven’t played the zombie game yet, though we’ve already had a blast with the other two.


The addition of sports was this year’s big edition to the show. While the vendors we talked to were disappointed by their sales figures and all of the sports panels I went to were woefully under-attended despite how awesome they were, I did scoop up some Toronto Raptors swag. I got a copy of the very first program, their first media guide, and a commemorative ticket from the very first game in Raptors history. Due to how rough sales were for this particular vendor, he sold me all of these at a whopping $1 each.

Fan Expo 2013 Wolverine LoganI’ve never been one to buy comic books. Reading as a pastime isn’t really my thing, and I haven’t read a comic book in earnest since I was a kid. At this point in my life, I feel like I wouldn’t even know where to start if I wanted to. At the BMV booth, I found this Wolverine book that covers a full story arc. It was marked down considerably from $21 to $3, which didn’t hurt either. If this works out, I may consider reading more comics in this format.

photo(6)One of the major shopping sections at Fan Expo is Artist Alley, where independent artists sell their wares, from sketches to steampunk jewelry. This is usually not an aspect of the show I get terribly excited about, but the art from Justin Currie really wowed me like nothing else in that section this year. I picked up a Portal and X-Men themed prints while Steff got two Batman ones. He cranks out incredible looking work with a unique art style and can’t recommend his stuff enough. He even autographed everything for us. Can’t wait to hang these up in our place.

photo(7)In case you were wondering, yes, I bought video game stuff too. EBGames had a huge presence at the show this year. Their deals are normally mediocre, though there were a few I really needed to take advantage of. I got Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch for $20, which is the price I’ve been waiting for that game to hit for months. Project X Zone sold out at $20 on the first day, though they’d eventually restock and I grabbed that as well.

This was easily the most varied crop of goodies I’ve scooped up at Fan Expo and quite possibly the most I’ve ever spent. I may regret this come November 15th when I realize I can’t afford to buy a PlayStation 4 anymore, though I’ll gladly enjoy what I’ve got right now.

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2 thoughts on “Pick-Up Post: Fan Expo 2013 Edition

  1. Jeff the Great August 28, 2013 / 4:19 PM

    I’m excited you’ll get to play Ni No Kuni now. That game is sooooo good.

    • Jett August 29, 2013 / 7:25 AM

      Thanks for the comment!

      The only JRPG I’ve ever enjoyed was Super Mario RPG on the SNES. I’m really taking a gamble on this one because I think the visuals look incredible. Fingers crossed that this one pans out for me!

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