Brand New Character Named Necalli Revealed in Street Fighter V

At the Evolution Championship Series tournament, Capcom revealed the first original character for Street Fighter V. Named Necalli, which means battle in Aztec, he appears to be a very violent warrior with an almost animalistic approach to combat. So far, I’m thrilled with what Capcom has shown so far.

Strictly from aesthetics, Necalli’s hair seems to be a central aspect of his design. In his normal state, his chunky dreadlocks bounce around as he fights. Once he goes into V-Trigger, his hair changes to a flowing red mane in a Super Saiyan like transformation. Beyond that, all of his moves look brutal, as if he weren’t trained in any particular fighting style.

Some people have compared Necalli to Blanka, which I think is really off-base. Besides maybe the similarity in having claws, they fight completely differently. I think a much more apt comparison would be Wolverine in the Marvel vs. Capcom series. They both rely on an in-your-face offense that appears to rely more on pressure than gimmicks. Both characters have Berserker Barrage style slashing moves that push their opponent’s back. They also share a dive kick, which was probably my favourite Wolverine move in Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Beyond that, there’s a lot more to like about Necalli. His command grab where he grabs his opponent by the face and slams them to the ground just looks awesome. I also love the potential possibilities shows with the EX version, as he whips his opponents off of the wall, allowing for follow-up attacks. In V-Trigger mode, it looks like he has stomps that sort of act like Evil Ryu’s axe kick, with one version popping up his opponent for a follow-up. He even has a Sesimo-like ground pound move as his V-Skill.

It remains to be seen whether Necalli is actually fun to play how good he is relative to the rest of the cast, but I’m excited by this first glimpse. He looks really cool and his move set has my mind twirling as my mind wrestles with his offensive possibilities. What excites me most is the opportunity to play as a Wolverine-like character in Street Fighter, as that I adore that play style in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. With more character reveals to go before the game’s launch next year, here’s to hoping that they rest are as exciting as Necalli!

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