Street Fighter V Final Beta Zangief Matches and Impressions

Even without his Siberian Blizzard Ultra combo from Street Fighter IV, Zangief will continue to protect the Russian Skies. This time, he has a mid-air Spinning Piledriver that can catch anyone while they’re in the act of jumping. This fundamentally changes the meta game of fighting Zangief, as you can’t simply hold up to get out of the way of a ground-based grab. His air grab is insanely powerful and can grab people out of almost everything, so it’s a real threat.

While he loses his Green Hand, he gains other tools in the transition that make him a more than worthy adversary in Street Fighter V, such as a V-Skill that allows him to walk forward while absorbing two attacks, to an armored standing medium punch, to a ground-based Spinning Piledriver that has incredible range. You should be scared every time you see this Russian wrestler on the other end of the battlefield.

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