Latest Pokemon Go Update Marks the Beginning of Gen 2 and a Limited Edition Pikachu

After much speculation, Niantic has finally revealed the next major update to Pokemon Go. First and foremost, Pichu, Togepi and the other baby Pokemon are in the game, though you can only obtain them through eggs. The other news is that for a limited time, you can catch a limited-edition holiday Pikachu that’s wearing a Santa hat.

Players who might have been expecting a full drop of Gen 2 Pokemon may be a bit disappointed with this gradual rollout, but I’m happy with this approach. It makes sense right now that these baby Pokemon don’t appear in the wild yet, and it acts as a nice gradual transition into the remaining Pokemon. By stretching it out, it gives us something to aim for over the course of a longer stretch of time while still making sense within the Pokemon Go universe.

As for holiday Pikachu, it’s certainly not as appealing as double candy or double XP. That said, you do get a version of Pikachu that will be a collector’s item and a potential trading chip in the future. Also, it appears that the electric critter is appearing much more frequently in the wild, so catching a bunch shouldn’t be a problem.

Glad that the hunt is back on! Having them only appear in eggs adds a new wrinkle to this chase, but one that also makes sense with the types of Pokemon that were released. Good luck in snagging up a set of baby Pokemon!

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