In Third Person and Streaming

Video content has never been a strong suit of the In Third Person offering. During a time when players were uploading direct feed video to YouTube, I was pointing my laptop webcam at my TV. By the time I got a capture card, the world had moved onto live streaming. At that point, I ran into a number of new technical limitations, such as a technical infrastructure that couldn’t handle recording gameplay and webcam footage at the same time, as well as an internet pipeline that couldn’t handle streaming and online play simultaneously.

Of late, I have made some strides to make streaming more of a reality. We’ve upgraded our home to a faster internet connection, allowing for gameplay and video streaming to happen at the same time. I also figured out how to use Elgato’s Stream Command to get my face in the feed. However, I’ve run into a few other snags along the way.

When I activate Stream Command, the app warns me that my computer is too slow for it. Having tried it now, they were right. The gameplay and my audio turns out fine, but my webcam video lags behind. Trying to noodle with the settings to no avail.

It’s not the end of the world. Even if I can’t get the overlays right, I now have the ability to stream video that doesn’t look like complete crap while playing online games. Until I can afford a better setup, I’ll experiment more with the streaming capability I have and hopefully you’ll enjoy the content along the way!

Unfortunately, WordPress won’t let me embed the video player into my posts. But you can head over to to watch! I’ll make sure to post about it each time I go live!

Watch live video from Jettftw on

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