E3 2017 Musings

Xbox One X name and pricing

Formerly known as Project Scorpio, the new name for Microsoft’s new console only adds more confusion to their already confusing naming conventions. While the added horsepower and promise of 4K gaming seem cool, I’m definitely not ready to pay $500 for that privilege. Will hold off on upgrading my Xbox One until Microsoft is able to justify the investment.

Mario + Rabbids = XCOM?

Assets relating Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle leaked months ago with rumors of its existence swirling months beforehand. Yet somehow, it still managed to surprise upon its reveal. I knew that it would be some sort of RPG, but I had no clue that it would be a turn-based tactical game a la XCOM. As kooky as it sounds, the execution looks great and I can’t wait to try it out.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z

As a long-time fan of the anime, it’s always bummed me out that the fighting games based on the franchise were not my cup of tea. They were 3D affairs with gameplay I’ve always found to be clunky. Not expecting that to change, I was stunned and overjoyed to see that the next Dragonball fighting game would be developed by Arc System Works. Having the creators of Guilty Gear and BlazBlue is the perfect fit for Dragon Ball and the early footage we’ve seen thus far looks spectacular.


Coming off of the disappointing Mass Effect: Andromeda, the “real” Bioware is back with Anthem. Looking like their own take on the Destiny formula, this game shows a lot of promise. Looking forward to learning more about this new one from Bioware.

The Sony Lineup

While I think Sony had a good showing this year, I felt like it faltered compared to years past due to most of their first party games all bleeding into one another. From Uncharted: Lost Legacy to Spider-Man, almost every game they showed was a third person action game with big setpieces.

Sparking more curiousity was the way in which these games were cross-polinating. For example, the God of War franchise is spruced up by giving Kratos a son to take care of throughout, not unlike Ellie in The Last of Us. Then there was Days Gone, which looks like The Last of Us but with regular zombies versus the mushroom head mutants. While these games in isolation will probably be great, and Spider-Man looks spectacular, I would have wanted to see more gameplay variety from Sony.

Do We Still Care About Skyrim?

Skyrim was without a doubt one of the most groundbreaking games of the 7th generation of consoles. But six years later, are we still excited? The game is being rolled out yet again on the Switch and the PlayStation 4 in portable and VR versions. Can’t speak for everyone, but I was content with the dozens of hours I poured into it years ago. The Switch version seems like a great gateway for Nintendo fans who missed out the first time around, while the VR port could be a great step forward for VR as a platform. However, I was hoping we would have at least seen the true successor to Skyrim by now.

FIFA 18 on Switch Isn’t the Worst?

When listings for EA’s next FIFA game listed the Switch version as a separate entity, alarm bells started blaring in my mind. It looked like once again, EA was completing a self-fulfilling prophecy by proving their games wouldn’t sell on a Nintendo console by putting out a recycled port of an older game with updated rosters.

While FIFA 18 won’t be complete compared to its competitors, it does look like EA is trying to make a worthwhile product on the Switch. Featuring most of the modes except for the Journey mode, while also leveraging the benefits of the Switch such as portability and controller flexibility, this one might actually be a compelling product.

Mario Transforms into EVERYTHING

Nintendo’s first party showing at E3 was very strong with a number of new games and teases of greater things to come with Metroid and Pokemon on Switch. However, its highlight was Super Mario Odyssey, which finds a way to surprise yet again with a huge new game mechanic. By throwing his hat onto things, he can transform into them. Everything from Goombas, to frogs, to even a T-Rex aren’t safe from having Mario inherit their bodies. As if my hype wasn’t already high for this one, it skyrocketed off the strength of this new trailer.

Where’s the Rest of Nintendo’s Third Party Support?

Nintendo has had a well documented history of struggling with third party support. With the Switch storming out of the gate, I was hoping that E3 would be the time for Nintendo to blow the doors off with solid third party support. Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle looks great, and Rocket League is a welcome addition, it was disappointing to not see much more than that. Nintendo’s upcoming lineup looks fantastic, but was really hoping to see the third parties represent to round out the lineup.

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