Nintendo Joy-Con Controllers as a Fashion Accessory

From the different coloured editions of the original Gameboy, to the Pikachu edition of the Nintendo 64, Nintendo is the king of incentivizing the purchase of additional hardware through cosmetic changes. They first got me years ago when I bought a limited edition NES-themed version of the Gameboy Advance SP, even though I already owned a standard edition.

This time, I think Nintendo might have hit the jackpot with its multi-coloured Joy-Con controllers.

Of course, there’s a need for additional controllers. Odds are, you’re going to want colours that you don’t already have, or just colours you want cause they look cool. However, they also have a fashionable benefit beyond their use at home.

On the road, the Joy-Con controllers add a very distinct twist to the Switch unit itself. The default grey controllers make the unit look like a slick piece of tech, while Nintendo’s neon colours thus far make the system look far more playful in nature.

In a way, it’s even cheaper and easier than ever to change out your look on the fly. Instead of buying a unique 3DS each time, simply swap in different combinations of Joy-Con controllers for a look you can call your own.

Not only are you getting extra Mario Kart controllers, but you’re also giving yourself the added flexibility to create stylish looks for your Switch in portable mode. With Nintendo having announced a new set of Splatoon-themed Joy-Con controllers coming soon, the thirst to accessorize will only grow stronger.

Now that I have gotten into the Nintendo Switch fashion game with a pair of Neon Red Joy-Con controllers, I can’t help but think about adding to my collection solely for the sake of making a fashion statement. Are you also interested in tricking out your Switch with different Joy-Con combinations?

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