Kickstart Guide to Dragon Ball FighterZ

Want to fight like a Super Saiyan, but you lose more often than Yamcha? Then hopefully you’ve come to the right place! Dragon Ball FighterZ is a frenetic 2D tag-based fighting game that can easily overwhelm players with its anime-quality visuals and combos that can send you careening through mountains. If you’re not prepared, you will quickly end up on the wrong end of an earth-shattering Kamehameha wave. Hopefully this handful of tips will help you push your power level towards 9,000!

Chain Gang

If you find the memorization and execution of combos to be too much to start, don’t feel ashamed to use the easy chain combos. By repeatedly pressing light, medium, or heavy attack buttons, you’ll perform a simple combo. Each button strength performs a slightly different combo.

  • The light version does a basic combo that ends with a soft knockdown
  • The medium version does a more advanced combo that ends with a super move
  • The heavy version does three hits and knocks the opponent down

Just because you’re performing easy combos doesn’t mean you should turn your brain off and mash buttons. Instead, use your brain power to understand other aspects of the game, such as movement, defense, and your approach to landing that critical first hit. Once you get comfortable with that, transition into manual combos for bigger damage.

Bogey on My Six

By pressing the ki and heavy attack buttons together, you’ll perform a Super Rush. This is a homing attack that lunges your character directly at your opponent while darting through projectiles if you time it right. It’s benefits make it something that players love to mash out for a quick score. Thankfully, the Super Rush has a hard counter in your crouching heavy attack. Specifically designed to be invincible to jumping attacks, a well-timed crouching heavy attack will crush it. When you sense that a Super Rush is coming, sit back and wait. Once you see it coming, smash that crouching heavy attack to send them skyward. The timing for this is going to vary depending on where they launch their Super Rush, so make sure to practice this in training mode so you can swat foes out of the air like a pro.

Bring Them Home

As your health bar depletes in Dragon Ball FighterZ, it usually leaves a blue trail of recoverable health that will regenerate once that character is tagged out. It is really important to recover as much of this blue health as you can, as it can give you just enough juice to squeak by a tough opponent.

Of course, you could simply raw tag in a fresh fighter, but if your opponent is anticipating it, they can simply launch the incoming fighter into a combo. Instead, use a safer technique to get them in. One method is to tag cancel a launcher by holding a tag button when you successfully combo into a launcher. Not only does this bring out your wounded warrior, a new one enters the fray to continue the combo. Another way is to tag cancel while you’re blocking enemy attacks. When it works, it can safely bring in a fresh fighter while knocking back your opponent. This generally has a larger success rate, but if your opponent is predicting that a tag cancel is incoming, they can also counter it with a launcher. Make the switch when your opponent least expects it!

(GIF Source: Maximilian)

Fight Like a Saiyan

When you’ve moved past auto combos and the standard manual combo, it’s time to start incorporating more advanced tactics into your arsenal. The logical next step is to incorporate crouching medium attack into standing medium attack into jump cancel. What this does is that after the jump cancel, you can then squeeze in a few more normal attacks before using your launcher mid-air. Most characters in the game have this extension in their set, so once your ready for it, use it to hit your opponents even  harder.

There is much to learn about the ways of combat in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Continue to search out information online and spend time in the game actively trying to get better. With enough knowledge and practice, your mere presence could break a power scanner.

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