When Can We Get the Tetris Effect Soundtrack?

Tetris Effect works brilliantly as one cohesive experience, but if I were to isolate one aspect of it as standing out, it’s the music. Adding Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s taste for electronic ambiance and international rhythms works wonders for creating the synesthesia that occurs when playing the game. As soon as I finished up my first stream with the game, the first thing I did was to find the soundtrack online. I need this in my ears even when I’m not playing the game. The news I found was…disheartening.

According to Parallax Media, who asked the developers of the game if/when we could get it. They said the following:

“It might be a while until it happens since all the music is currently mixed inside the game and needs some time to create the proper “official tracks” if that makes sense.”

“Thus the soundtrack sampler is the only thing available (for pre-orders only!) and will not be available after launch.”

That’s unfortunate.

For now, it seems like our only official option is to listen to the sampler that came with the pre-order version of the game. You can find that sampler on YouTube as well. It’s a start, but there’s still so much more music that I want to hear outside of the context of the game.

Not sure how the higher ups will react to this playlist, but YouTube user Nazo No Hito has done the work for the people by providing this playlist of all the game’s music in theatre mode. I’ll bump this for as long as it’s available, but I really hope to see an official way of hearing this music while supporting the developers. It doesn’t have the masterful 1989 track yet, but I can only imagine a clean recording of that will surface somewhere.

I can’t be the only one thirsty for a Tetris Effect soundtrack. Who else can’t wait to listen to this music outside of the game?

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