What I Want to See in an ARMS Sequel

Having sold over two million copies and ranking as the 8th most played game on the Nintendo Switch in 2017, the odds of the ARMS franchise returning in some form are pretty high. While we may not see a sequel for quite some time based on Nintendo’s track record of generally releasing only one game of each franchise on a platform, here’s a few things I would want to see in a successor to ARMS!

More Lore In-Game

ARMS is a game featuring wacky people with springy ARMS and basically no story to explain the world or the motivations of the characters. This distinct lack of lore is particularly disappointing, as Nintendo did am amazing job creating cool-looking characters. If you really wanted to know the deeper story of the ARMS universe, you actually could get a lot of insight from their official Japanese Twitter account, assuming you could find a translation.

All of that content should manifest in the game. Ideally, it would come up in an expanded single-player campaign. However it’s presented, that lore would go a long way towards breathing life into this potentially awesome world.

Slightly More Gameplay Depth

ARMS in its current state already finds a great balance between simplicity and depth. Once you dig past the simple act of punching and throwing, there’s a ton of nuance to be had when you understand how the characters, arms, and stages can impact the battle. Besides the addition of more characters and arms, I would like to see a bit more in terms of combat options. Off the top of my head, I think it would be cool to be able to combo into throws if you hit an airborne opponent. It would look cool, give you more opportunities to create cool offense, while also giving players options for punishing jumpers without adding too much complexity.

Improved LAN Connectivity

This one might be a stretch, as it very well could be a limitation of the hardware. However, one of the big reasons I fell off of the game was when I saw the outcome of a local tournament I participated in almost compromised by host advantage due to the tournament using a LAN setup. For this game to really be played seriously, Nintendo needs to sort this out. Playing split-screen is unacceptable, as you trade in local lag for a lack of peripheral vision. Whatever needs to be done, do it!

Let Us Play Casual 1V1 Matches Online

While I appreciate ARMS for its inclusion of its genius online party mode that shuffled players into a myriad of different match types, its online suite was sorely lacking in other ways. Most notably, the game doesn’t give you the chance to play only 1v1 matches casually. If you want to play 1v1, you have to go into ranked. I want the ability to play 1V1 matches without points on the line, a feature available in virtually every other fighter out there.

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3 thoughts on “What I Want to See in an ARMS Sequel

  1. Robert Ian Shepard March 10, 2019 / 10:07 AM

    All excellent suggestions! I think in the characters and weapon department they would benefit a lot from more variation. When you take elements out of the equation there are really only a handful of unique weapons in the game (as far as how they behave when you punch), and there’s a bit of overlap in the character special skills, particularly when it comes to Springman/Max Brass/Springtron.

    • Jett March 11, 2019 / 9:24 AM

      A greater variety of weapon types is a must for the sequel! Also agree with you on character variety. I think some of that is okay, as we’ve had variations of Ryu in every Street Fighter game, but more unique character abilities would be a welcome addition.

      Hoping Nintendo is paying attention to the current ARMS competitive scene. It’s small, but it’s a dedicated group that’s heavily invested in the game. They made something really cool here that has withstood the hyper-critical eye of competitive fighting game community. I think it has the potential to be a fantastic bridge to the more traditional fighting game community if Nintendo really wanted to go there while still maintaining the game’s accessibility.

      • Robert Ian Shepard March 12, 2019 / 8:22 PM

        For sure. I think ARMS definitely has potential as a series. They did some really clever stuff with their party mode that makes it one of my favorite games to play online (even though I rarely play games online at all).

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