Street Fighter Week | An Ode to My Favourite Street Fighter Player Sakonoko

Street Fighter Week continues! Putting the spotlight on my favourite Street Fighter player this time: Sakonoko!

Sakonoko may not have the name recognition of such Street Fighter luminaries such Daigo, but he’s still a force to be reckoned with. Considered one of the five gods of Japanese fighting games, has no shortage of high placings in tournaments, including his reign as the first ever Capcom Cup champion.

What makes Sako so great? No offense to Bret “The Hitman” Hart, but Sako is the excellence of execution.

Sako has the best hands in the game. With precision accuracy, he’s capable of landing the hardest combos with ease. His execution is so good, that he’s often the pioneer of new tech. I first caught wind of him through his Cammy play in Street Fighter IV, where his combos seemed to never end.

Towards the end of Street Fighter IV‘s life, he created the blueprint for how to play Evil Ryu. Stringing together axe kick after axe kick, Sako made these incredibly difficult combos look easy. It’s almost like watching someone play with cheat codes on!

More recently, he’s made his mark on Street Fighter V with Menat. Perfectly tailored for his talents as a high-execution player, he’s able to string together combos with the gypsy that defy logic.

Sako may not be the greatest Street Fighter player ever, but his resume speaks volumes and his talents as a player are undeniable. I love watching him play and I’m still a bit bitter that he’s kicked me out of his online lobbies when I’ve run into him online in Street Fighter V. I get that the lag would be horrible, but I would be honoured to get smoked by one of my Street Fighter idols.

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