So I Bought a PlayStation Classic…

It’s safe to say that the PlayStation Classic was a bust. Panned by critics and gamers for its questionable game selection, use of the original PlayStation controllers over the Dualshock, sub-par emulation, and the mixing of NTSC and PAL versions of games, the console has already seen at least one dramatic price cut.

Closer to home, Best Buy Canada slashed over 75% off the original retail price, bringing it down to a measly $29.99. Converted to USD, that’s just $22.41! At a price that low, I couldn’t resist.

Having grown up as a Nintendo loyalist, I missed the vast majority of what the PlayStation era. Now that I’m more platform-agnostic, I want to someday fill in some of those gaps. Considering all of its faults at the price it was originally being sold for, the PlayStation Classic wasn’t a viable option.

But now at the bargain basement price of $29.99, it’s almost hard to go wrong? At that price, I’m getting a functional emulation device with two controllers, and games that work out to under $2 a pop assuming that the hardware was free. It may not have the best lineup of games, but there are still some heavy hitters and cult classics like Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil: Director’s Cut, and Intelligent Qube. At this point, it’s cheaper and more convenient for me to play these games in this format rather than to go through the struggle of sourcing the handful of games I actually want to play.

Not sure how much I’ll speak to this device going forward. At the very least, I’ll poke at it here and there and write up an impressions piece. Get a little more acquainted with a side of gaming I largely ignored at the time. Maybe I’ll fall in love with a few games of that era. Bare minimum, I at least have something to commemorate one of the saddest slices of the PlayStation’s otherwise glowing history. How could Sony have messed up the PlayStation Classic so badly?!

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2 thoughts on “So I Bought a PlayStation Classic…

  1. Hannie April 25, 2019 / 11:57 AM

    The PlayStation was my first ever console, given that it’s been in my house as long as I’ve been alive. That said, I wasn’t that interested in the classic because none of the games I actually played as a 3-year-old were on it, so what’s the point? The early polygon-era of gaming didn’t age overly well, so I feel like picking it up for nostalgia is the only reason I’d want it.

    • Jett April 25, 2019 / 12:00 PM

      There a lot of reasons to not buy this thing, even if you are a PlayStation fan. My wife’s story is similar to yours, but she didn’t grow up with any of the games in this package, either. While the PS1 lineup had so many hits and you won’t please everyone with any set of 20, I feel like most people believe that what this device has isn’t the best or most representative if this platform.

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