A Time to Play

Before every episode of Boss Rush, I ask everyone on the show what they’ve been playing. From there, I gather B-roll footage of every game we’re talking about so that we have that visual companion to our discussion. As I was putting together the latest episode of the show, it dawned on me that I haven’t been playing much at all of late.

The last game I bought was Mortal Kombat 11. From the bit I’ve played of it, I think it’s great. However, finding the time to sit down and play a console game of late has proven difficult.

For one, my Toronto Raptors are in the midst of a historic playoff run. Starting in mid-April, the team now has a date against the Golden State Warriors for the NBA championship. It’s been one hell of a ride cheering on my team, as they’ve never gotten this far before. However, I’ve made the sacrifice to play games less so that I can watch as much of the hoops action as I can. #wethenorth!

When I have been playing, most of it has been in service of the stream. Part of that has included our continued journey through Paper Mario. Still having fun with that one, and I enjoy the company of everyone who comes by to chat and help me through the myriad of moments where I get stuck. However, it’s an old game and I don’t really have much to add to the discussion of that one until I finish the game and my review. Besides that, I’ve been streaming old favourites like Tetris 99 and Overwatch. They’re fun games to play and they work really well for the stream but they’re not new.

During busy stretches like this, my last resort is to play Nintendo Switch games on my commute. However, even that time has been tied up. If I’m not sleeping on the train, I’ve dedicated a lot of that free time to writing posts or editing video for the Instagram and Twitter. Creating content is a seemingly 24/7 grind for me, but I love creating content as well.

With our trip to London and Paris coming soon, I hope to squeeze in a bit of time with a few new games. I’ve been saving up to try and grab a new game or two for the flights. Dead Cells and VA11-HALL-A are on my short list, but it’ll probably be a last-minute purchase. Of course, I won’t prioritize gaming over the adventures ahead, but there should be down time here and there as well!

In any case, life goes on. The volume of games and the amount of time will fluctuate, but I’ll find time where I can to enjoy the hobby I love. Not sure if I’m going to have any fresh takes on games before then, but there’s still a lot of content coming to the site in the next few weeks. Even when I’m gone! If anything, there’s actually going to be MORE content going up while I’m away than when I’m here. We’ll talk a bit more about my plans for that soon!

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