10 Years of In Third Person: Board Games Are Fun!

Between my adolescence and some point in my late 20s, I held a very negative perception of board games. Scarred by the old mainstays that relied heavily on randomness and player elimination, I wrote them off as a kids activity. Then one fateful night, Steff tricked me into joining her friends for a game of Dominion and my life was changed forever.  For years after that, board games consumed almost all of my hobby time to the point where board game content became the majority of my output for this site.

What I didn’t know was that we were decades into a modern-day board game renaissance. Sparked by the release of Settlers of Catan in 1995, board games were innovating in ways that created more compelling experiences that put a greater emphasis on strategy while minimizing down time and player elimination. Dominion was the game that made me realize that board games could be an entertaining pastime for anyone at any age with the right game.
Ticket to Ride 10th Anniversary Edition

What started with Dominion quickly ballooned into a all-encompassing hobby. Wanting to fully explore this whole other side of gaming I’d ignored for decades, I was buying new games almost weekly, religiously watching The Dice Tower, and writing about board games every chance I got. It escalated to a point where the majority of my output for a few years was board game related.

Though it was a shift in format, I felt like it was the right thing to do. First and foremost, I was (and still am) really passionate about board games. I wanted to document that journey just as I had with video games. Also, board games and video games are still games with a lot of parallels. Furthermore, maybe there are others like me who are fans of video games but never truly gave board games a chance. Maybe my content could inspire someone to discover a whole new world of games to enjoy.

Due to a number of factors, such as money to buy games, space to store games, and a shrinking number of opportunities to play them, my board game activity has cooled of late. But I know I’ll continue to play board games whenever I can and will continue to document my journey through the medium on In Third Person!

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