Gaming Decor Patch Notes: September 2019 Edition

Can you spot the differences?

It’s that time again to break down the new items making their debut on my wall! Next time you pop into one of my streams, make sure to be on the look out for these new additions!

NWO Championship Belt

In a move that sent shockwaves through the wrestling industry, Hollywood Hulk Hogan defaced the WCW world heavyweight title by spraying the NWO logo on it. For the most coveted piece of wrestling bling to get disrespected like that was…totally rad. It became a relic of a time when wrestling was at its most brazen.

Though I never meant to amass a collection of child-sized wrestling belts, I found this one on sale at a price I couldn’t refuse. Love having this one up on the wall and being able to rotate between belts!

X-Men by Scott Williams

Scott Williams is a legendary artist who is best known for his collaborations with Jim Lee. I first discovered his work years ago when I read the Batman story arc Hush. To this day, it’s still one of my fave Batman stories with some of the best Batman art ever.

When I saw Scott selling this stunning piece of X-Men art, I simply had to have it. Wolverine and Cyclops may have a rocky relationship, but they know when to put their differences aside and get the job done. That sentinel in the back didn’t stand a chance! Besides the benefit of adding this to my collection, he autographed the print and proceeds of the sale went to charity! Everyone wins!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Nathan Salmon

Last month, I featured an incredible piece of Goku art spray painted by Natham Salmon. This time, we’re going with the other piece I bought from him! Created in front of my own eyes (and my camera), he painted this amazing rendition of the Ninja Turtles in front of the New York skyline.

I had a mini panic attack at first when he placed Michaelangelo upside down, but it clearly was part of the master plan.

Little Jett Action Figure

Many years ago, my friend Jenny made this action figure for me as a birthday present. It features many accessories that are relevant to me, such as a basketball, multiple sets of sneakers, and even a picture of my old car on the back of the box. Been struggling to figure out how to display it, but it turns out that the Street Fighter frame is large enough to act as a shelf for small items. Glad to finally share this one with you!

Teen Titans Go! #1 – Free Comic Book Day

I don’t actually remember what happens in this particular issue of the comic. But this issue is on display to celebrate my love for the Teen Titans Go! cartoon. While I am way outside of the show’s age demographic, I absolutely adore the humour. I own the first few seasons on DVD and will eventually watch them all! Also, the movie features one of the most hilarious and darkest moments I’ve ever seen in any medium. If you know, you know.

That Time When Superman Almost Made a “Mature Film” with Mr. Miracle’s Wife

During a time when I was actively researching which comics to read, I stumbled upon this issue of Superman and Mr. Miracle that featured an…interesting premise. The Man of Steel may be impervious to physical attacks, but he’s as susceptible to magic as anyone else. In this issue, an evil villain has hypnotized Superman and Big Barda in order to make a film featuring these two…

Anyway! Mr. Miracle is shocked at first at what’s going down, but he saves the day and everything goes back to normal. Also, he’s able to put a stop to things before anything lewd actually happens. Nevertheless, it’s one of the oddest and most questionable plots in comic history.

A few months after learning of its existence, I came across a copy of it at an outdoor flea market at a bargain basement price. Had to have it!

BB-8 Plushie

This BB-8 is actually the property of Steff. She received it as birthday present. Since she doesn’t have a space for it right now, BB-8 will be Snorlax’s new buddy!

Above the Clouds – Original Spray Paint Art by Me

After watching Nathan Salmon work his magic, it inspired me to try my hand at the art form. Have a long ways to go before I can reach his level, but making spray paint art is so much fun and the results look stunning, even from an amateur! This was my favourite piece, as I took the time to come up with a concept and executed on it in full. Looking forward to making many more pieces of spray paint art in the future!

Those are the updates for this month. That said, there’s one massive piece of art that I got at Fan Expo that I’m still trying to figure out the logistics for.

This three-piece Fire Emblem: Three Houses art by @ravefirell is simply stunning. Want to hang this up so badly, but I need to find a large enough frame first. Then I need to completely overhaul my wall layout in order to make this fit. Maybe I just frame them separately and show one house at a time? That would be easier to accommodate for, but it looks best as a full set. As soon as I solve this conundrum, I’ll proudly display it on the wall!

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