Our Extra Life 2019 Campaign Begins Today!

Last year, we raised an incredible $800 for the Children’s Miracle Network as part of Extra Life. This year, we’re aiming even higher! Our Extra Life 2019 campaign officially begins today and we hope you can help us raise $1,000 in support of the Children’s Miracle Network of Hospitals. Leading up to the big marathon on November 2nd, there will be a lot of Extra Life related stuff going on.

I’ll be regularly promoting the campaign on all of my streams and collecting donations leading up to the marathon on November 2nd. Amazon Affiliate links on the bottom of my posts will be replaced with a link to donate to Extra Life. You don’t have to wait until the big day to donate!

On top of that, I’ll be running a Tetris 99 themed mini-campaign between now and November 1st! Every time I stream the game, I will donate $10 for every win and $5 for every top 5 finish (maximum of $100). I’ll be playing exclusively in Invictus mode, so this is going to be a real challenge! Won’t be able to stream this game every time I’m on air, but I will stream it as much as I can and I hope you can help us raise money for a great cause! Make sure to tune in at twitch.tv/inthirdperson so you can be a part of the action!

Last but not least is the big marathon. Starting at 9am on Saturday, November 2nd, and ending at 9am on Sunday, November 3rd at 9am, I will be hosting a gaming party! We’ll be playing all sorts of video games, board games, and game shows with my family, friends, and the Boss Rush crew! Save the date and make sure to follow me on Twitch so you know when we’re going live!

Whether you make a donation, help spread the word, or just enjoy the content, I hope that you can join us in supporting our Extra Life campaign. The proceeds help to fund critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care. Let’s play on…for the kids!


Support the Children’s Miracle Network of Hospitals by Donating Through Extra Life

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