5 Strategy Games to Play After Fire Emblem: Three Houses on Your Nintendo Switch

You may come to a point where you wrap up Fire Emblem: Three Houses and want more. The easiest – and probably best – answer for that situation is to play more Fire Emblem. With no shortage of entries across the 3DS and other legacy consoles, there’s more than enough to scratch the itch.

But if you’re reluctant to let go of your Nintendo Switch, there are some other great strategy games on the platform that are worth checking out! These games don’t necessarily have the exact mix of tactics and RPG that Fire Emblem provides, but these five strategy titles are still in the same realm while adding their own flavour to the mix!

Valkyria Chronicles and Valkyria Chronicles 4

When I really stop to think about it, Fire Emblem and the Valkyria Chronicles series have grown to have a lot in common. Ever since the franchise debuted on the PlayStation 3, Valkyria Chronicles was a character-driven turn-based strategy game that deviated from Fire Emblem with World War combat and a beautiful anime aesthetic. In recent times, Fire Emblem also went anime, while also including a Valkyria-style behind-the-character camera angle in Three Houses. Coming off of Three Houses, I can see a world where the smoothest transition to make out of Fire Emblem is actually to Valkyria Chronicles.

Where they differ is in their moment-to-moment combat. While you still move and attack with characters on a board, the game puts you in charge of aiming your guns. Landing headshots or hitting glowing weak points will grant you extra damage, adding a neat layer of skill to the action. It’s not quite Gears of War, but it’s an interesting mix of shooter and strategy that works surprisingly well. Both games are available right now on the Switch and are worth checking out!

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

Still one of the oddest crossovers in recent memory, don’t let Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle slip past you! Managing a mix of characters from the Mushroom Kingdom and wherever the heck the Rabbids are from, you’ll take cover, fire blasters, and leverage wacky abilities to save the day.

Even if the game is more streamlined than something like Fire Emblem, the action is still incredibly exciting while giving players a fair amount of control. Choosing your squad for each level while determining how to spend their XP to unlock each character’s skill tree will keep you invested throughout. For such a silly game, it packs quite a bit of strategic punch and shouldn’t be slept on!

SteamWorld Heist

Made by the good folks behind the SteamWorld Dig series, SteamWorld Heist is essentially 2D Valkyria Chronicles. Traveling across the galaxy, your ragtag group of heroes will blast their way through an army of evil robots with their wild weapons and special abilities. The 2D perspective and sci-fi theme allows for really neat combat options, such as the ability to ricochet bullets off of walls to hit enemies as weird angles. You also get the ability to manage who fights when, what gear they’re equipped with, and how they develop over time. The moment I finished it, I immediately started the game over on new game plus because I couldn’t wait to play again!

Into the Breach

Thematically, we’re about as far away from Fire Emblem as one can get. Into The Breach takes place in the distant future, where time-traveling soldiers attempt to thwart an alien invasion regardless of how many return trips they have to make.

The lack of story might be a sticking point for Fire Emblem fans, but if you really like the moment-to-moment strategy aspects of Nintendo’s medieval title, Into the Breach delivers in spades. Every move is of great consequence, as there’s almost always a negative reaction to the positive action you make. Furthermore, the game is played on randomly-generated levels, making for a game with virtually infinite replayablilty. This is a battle that could last you a lifetime and it’s well worth suiting up for.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a meaty game with 100+ hours of gameplay for those who want to explore everything it has to offer. But when you’re finished, there are other strategy titles on the Switch worthy of your time. Happy strategizing!


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