Love Fire Emblem: Three Houses? Here are more turn-based strategy games to try on Nintendo Switch!

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a fantastic game that’s a billion hours on its own and has DLC to lengthen the experience even more. But what do you play if you’ve done it all within Three Houses and still have the urge for more turn-based strategy action? Try out these other titles on the Nintendo Switch!

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5 Strategy Games to Play After Fire Emblem: Three Houses on Your Nintendo Switch

You may come to a point where you wrap up Fire Emblem: Three Houses and want more. The easiest – and probably best – answer for that situation is to play more Fire Emblem. With no shortage of entries across the 3DS and other legacy consoles, there’s more than enough to scratch the itch.

But if you’re reluctant to let go of your Nintendo Switch, there are some other great strategy games on the platform that are worth checking out! These games don’t necessarily have the exact mix of tactics and RPG that Fire Emblem provides, but these five strategy titles are still in the same realm while adding their own flavour to the mix!

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Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Review

When internal images and documents surrounding the marketing of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle leaked, I shuddered a little bit. From the core concept of mashing these two franchises together, to the corporate speak used to make the game sound cool, I had my concerns that this had disaster written all over it. Then E3 happened and perceptions changed again. Taking these two franchises and putting them in an XCOM-style turn-based strategy game made the product even weirder, though it also looked like it had potential to be something special.

In a year where Nintendo has continually surprised us, they, along with Ubisoft, surprise us yet again. Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is a great game.

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In Third Person’s E3 2017 Best of Show

E3 2017 is in the books. Overall, I thought the show was just okay. Not as many megatons as I was hoping for, but there were certainly a number of bright spots for all involved. In no particular order, here are my highlights from this year’s E3. What stood out to you?

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