Love Fire Emblem: Three Houses? Here are more turn-based strategy games to try on Nintendo Switch!

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a fantastic game that’s a billion hours on its own and has DLC to lengthen the experience even more. But what do you play if you’ve done it all within Three Houses and still have the urge for more turn-based strategy action? Try out these other titles on the Nintendo Switch!

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How Wargroove Addresses My Biggest Issue with the Advance Wars Series

The Advance Wars series is one that I remember fondly for introducing me to the world of strategy games. When Nintendo first iced the franchise, I was deeply disappointed. But the more I thought about it over the years, the more I was okay with letting it go.

I think the fundamental reason why its sibling franchise Fire Emblem took off but Advance Wars didn’t was that the former was built around characters with names, faces, and a progression from beginning-to-end (assuming they didn’t die). The latter used nameless soldiers and disposable units. After a few iterations, Nintendo hit a wall with what they could do in digital version of Chess, ultimately pushing forward with a gritty tonal shift that failed to appease existing or new players while adding little to the tired tactics that had worn out its welcome.

With time and advents of game design on its side, the creators of Wargroove leveraged the modern design trope of hero units as a means of adding personality and emotional weight to the moment-to-moment tactics without going full-RPG. It may not seem like much, but it makes a tangible difference towards my enjoyment of the game.

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown is Coming to iOS

Reports out of PAX East indicate that XCOM: Enemy Unknown is getting directly ported to iOS. Because it is being ported in full, expect this one to be a premium price when it launches in the iTunes store.

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Valkyria Chronicles Impressions


War doesn’t always have to be presented in the style of Call of Duty. It doesn’t have to be about first person shooting. Or summer-blockbuster action. Or earning perks by playing endless amounts of team death match. It’s easy to hate on the military theme in video games because of ‘Call of Duty syndrome’, but there’s still room for military games to innovate. Valkyria Chronicles, released early in the PlayStation 3’s life-cycle, is easily the most unique military game of this generation.

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Review

My love affair with the turn-based strategy games began after the original XCOM faded into obscurity. Advance Wars and Fire Emblem were my introduction to the genre, and for the most part, the only games in the genre I play. Not for a lack of desire, but for a lack of options. Sure, there are a lot of indie strategy games on PC/iOS, but when the big-budget strategy game market shrunk to nothing, the only real standout to me was Nintendo. Even then, neither of their strategy titles have lit up the sales charts or help revive the genre.

I’m not sure what compelled 2K Games to push ahead with a new XCOM now, but I truly appreciate the fact that they did. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is not only a fantastic turn-based strategy game, but easily one of the best games I played that came out in 2012.

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Hey Nintendo 3DS Ambassadors, Play Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

Just a friendly reminder from In Third Person to Nintendo 3DS Ambassadors to remember that Nintendo gave you a free copy of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. If you haven’t played it yet, please do. The Fire Emblem franchise is one of the best turn-based strategy RPG series out there and The Sacred Stones is proof of the series’ awesomeness. I came into the Fire Emblem series as a gamer who wasn’t even a fan of the genre, and this is one of the games that turned me into a huge Fire Emblem fanboy.

So what are you waiting for? You already have it sitting on your 3DS. Do yourself a favour and play Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones if you haven’t booted it up yet. You’ll thank me later.

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Fire Emblem Love Post of Turn-Based Strategic Bliss

To even the most diehard Nintendo fans, the name Fire Emblem means nothing to them outside of Marth, Roy and Ike, who all appeared in various versions of Super Smash Bros. They may not be household names like Mario or Link, but little do they know that those three guys come from one of Nintendo’s oldest and longest-running franchises, which dates back to 1990. Most people also don’t know that the Fire Emblem series of games are awesome. I don’t think I could do my love for this franchise justice in a blog post, but I’m going to try anyway.

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Game Design Talk: How Conquist Takes iPhone Risk and Ruins it With a Terrible User Interface

I really enjoyed the simplicity of the user interface Risk had on the iPhone. I had a lot to overcome, having not played Risk in 15 years, but I picked it up immediately and the user interface worked exactly how I wanted it to.

I picked up Conquist on the iPad because it looked like Risk with more features, iPad support, it had great user reviews and it was on sale for $1. In spite of its strengths, I hate this game. Terrible design choices make this an extremely annoying game for me to play.

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