Underneath My Christmas Tree – 2019 Edition

Hoping you had a fantastic holiday season! Mine was filled with memorable moments with family and delicious meals. Also, gifts! I got absolutely spoiled. Fingers crossed that the gifts I gave in return give you as much joy as the stuff you got me.

Here are a few things underneath my tree this year!

Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Adventure is not Wii Fit 2. While Nintendo’s original exercise game was a great proof-of-concept, but the software was sorely lacking on the gamification front. With a full-on RPG built into Ring Fit Adventure, there’s a lot more content for a player to sink their teeth into. Fingers crossed that this proves to be a fun experience and a positive investment into my own physical wellbeing. Thank you Randy for the gift!

2019 Toronto Raptors NBA Championship Ring

As if winning the NBA championship wasn’t enough, my mind melted at the first sight of the Toronto Raptors’ NBA championship rings. Steff spoiled me with one of my own! Though it won’t be something I wear day-to-day, I will wear it on special occasions and find as many opportunities to flex it on stream as I can.

One of the quirks of this ring is that it’s sized for my ring finger. Its girth is such that I can’t wear this and my wedding ring at the same time. I guess I’m married to the Toronto Raptors now?

BONUS PIC: My cousin Jeff is the Producer of Open Gym, the ongoing docu-series of the Toronto Raptors. His version includes our family name. New family heirloom? I think so.

Exit: The Game – The Catacombs of Horror

Inspired by our love of escape games and our recent trip to the Paris Catacombs, Steff got me Exit: The Game – The Catacombs of Horror. Unlike the others in the Exit games, this challenge is a two-parter that comes in a larger box. As unsettling as the actual Paris Catacombs are, it should make for a fantastic game setting!

Munchlax Plushie

Kris and Rachel from Double Jump sent Steff and I a ridiculous care package filled with goodies. One of my faves is this Munchlax plushie. He’s a perfect compliment to our Snorlax bean bag chair chair. Glad to have him as a companion for my streaming adventures. Thank you!

JBL Wireless Earbuds

Once you go wireless, it’s hard to go back! Though I used to think they were frivolous, I loved not having to untangle wires or having them ripped out of my ear after getting caught on something. Though I’ve had to go back to wired headphones in recent months, my mom got me back in the wireless world with this pair of earbuds. Fingers crossed that I don’t lose one or both! Thanks mom!

Mount Dog Studio Lighting Set

Glow up! Steff is helping me look my best on stream with this studio light set. With three huge box lights and stands, I should finally have a configuration that will light me properly without leveraging weird DIY hacks or hand-me-down lights that are propped up in ways that make them double as death traps. Thank you again Steff!

More Board Games

Kris and Rachel return to this list with a pair of cool tabletop games. Without knowing it, they got me House of Danger, a narrative adventure game I’ve been eying for some time. Deep Sea Adventure looks like an interesting press-your-luck style of game. They even sent me my own set of dice that should be perfect for my future role-playing adventures. Can’t wait to hit natural 20s with Kris and Rachel’s good luck infused in these dice! Thank you again Kris and Rachel!

Geek Art

Okay, one more nod for Double Jump! Along with everything previously mentioned and other stuff we’ll save for another time, they sent over some awesome art! The Link piece is already up on the wall and Leonardo will make his debut in the game room soon enough. Truly appreciated!

Studio Light Box

This photo doesn’t demonstrate the awesomeness of the gift. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen some of the object photography my wife and I have been doing with Amiibo figures and more. When this is all folded out, it forms a box that is evenly lit.

Can’t wait to up our photography game!

Much love to everyone who made this holiday season special! All of this stuff is great, but it’s the quality time and love shared that really matters. Had that in spades this season and I feel blessed thanks to you.

Take care!

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