Underneath My Christmas Tree – 2019 Edition

Hoping you had a fantastic holiday season! Mine was filled with memorable moments with family and delicious meals. Also, gifts! I got absolutely spoiled. Fingers crossed that the gifts I gave in return give you as much joy as the stuff you got me.

Here are a few things underneath my tree this year!

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Wishing You the Happiest of Holidays

Hoping you have a wonderful holiday season filled with delicious food, quality time with your loved ones, and everything you asked Santa for sitting underneath your tree. We’ll continue our regularly-scheduled program tomorrow. That said, if you’d like to hang out here anyway, get comfy by the fireplace and enjoy a few more quality holiday tunes!

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

My 2014 Holiday Wishlist

I’ve been told on many occasions that I’m horrible to shop for. Ever since I joined the workforce, I would go out of my way to purchase everything I ever wanted as soon as humanly possible. It’s part of the reason why I’ve been able to generate so much content for this site over the years.

This year’s a bit different. While I am not broke or unemployed, my financial situation is such that I can no longer maintain that lifestyle. As such, my wish list is a country mile long. I won’t share the whole thing in this post, but here are a few choice items from my wish list this year!

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