Celebrating a Twitch Milestone with a Money Gun!

200 follows! Thank you so much for all of your support throughout this journey! I get super sappy and shout out everyone who follows the channel before blasting the money gun in a blaze of glory!

Full Stream


Thanking Every Twitch Follower for Their Support!

Make it Rain!


    • Thank you to all of the 200+ lovely people who follow the channel! 
    • Thank you to PlayerTwoStart for the 5 gifted subs!
    • Thank you to AdventureRules for renewing your sub! 5 months in a row!
    • Thank you Pete_111 for the 200 bits!
    • Thank you to dramtentvapas1981, MagiWasTaken, and kissingthepixel for the follows!
    • Thank you to everyone who hosted my channel during this stream!
    • Thank you to everyone who tuned in! Always appreciate your company!

Make sure to never miss a stream by following my channel and turning your notifications on! You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram for stream updates and other cool stuff posted daily!

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