Not Ready For This Jelly – Stardew Valley Multiplayer Stream with Double Jump and PlayerTwoStart

Kris from Double Jump and my brother Randy join me to start our latest venture: Triple Jump Start Farm! While the two experts breeze their way through the early stages of Stardew Valley, I spend too much time pining for love in all the wrong places. Also, did we make it out of the mines alive?!

Full Stream

Part 1

Part 2


Haley Ghosts Me

Embarrassing Moments from My High School Days – An Extended Just Chatting Session


    • Thank you Kris and Randy for playing Stardew Valley with me!
    • Thank you Blu_Bear and the_Ghost_Owl for the follows!
    • Thank you to everyone who hosted my channel during this stream!
    • Thank you to everyone who tuned in! Always appreciate your company!

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