So Much to Do and So Little Time in Stardew Valley

Each day in Stardew Valley takes about 14 minutes in real time. By design, you won’t be able to do everything before bedtime. Oftentimes when I’m playing the game, I feel overwhelmed by the amount of things I might want to do in a given moment. While I’ve mostly chosen to go with the approach of doing whatever feels good in the moment, it feels like I could use more than just the game’s in-game tracking tools to keep my agenda straight.

Within the menus, you can track your progress towards quests. For tracking major events such as meeting all of the townspeople or finding a missing axe, this is great. But I find that I struggle with managing more granular tasks, such as collecting enough resources to build something or making sure to give someone a gift.

If I really wanted to optimize my time, I almost feel like I need to create my own list. At the start of each day, write down all of the things I want to do and then schedule them in. With this solution, I think I would be constantly looking at my list, assessing my priorities as the situation changes, and adjusting on the fly.

Stardew Valley is a min-maxers dream. With so many options within its framework, one can approach it with a militaristic-like focus to squeeze every last ounce of productivity. Though the game doesn’t really punish you for not playing it optimally, it’s tough for me to shake the pressure that I could be doing something better with my time rather than running towards the next shiny thing or leaving voicemails for Haley.

Maybe I’ll get more particular in future runs. For now, I’ll continue to take life within Stardew Valley as it comes.

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