Catherine: Full Body and Revisiting Old Games

Originally released in 2011 and remastered for modern consoles in 2019, Catherine: Full Body makes its presence felt on the Nintendo Switch today. It’s an opportunity for new players try one of gaming’s most unique titles while also having a bit of new material for experienced players.

My strong affinity for the game will probably be enough motivation I need to purchase it. However, carving out the time to actually play through it is a much more difficult challenge.

At a root level, I fixate on new and shiny things. When it comes to movies, I almost never revisit them, even movies I adore. Why would I do that when I could use that time to expand my horizons and try something new? Or if it’s not the latest and greatest, at least something new to me.

In the world of games, my attention is always drawn to newer experiences over familiar ones. Especially when it comes to games with finite single player campaigns. Super Mario 64 is widely regarded as one of the best and most revolutionary games of all-time, yet I only played through it once.

This penchant for new and shiny things is only amplified by my love of content creation. Maintaining a presence as a content creator about gaming becomes really difficult when I’m not playing games. As such, I try my best to come up with as many angles as I can for content with each title, but the pressure for me to keep moving forward is heightened.

That doesn’t mean I won’t purchase remasters or updated versions of old games I love. Happily purchased the Contra Anniversary Collection when that was released last year. If/when Pikmin 3 and Super Mario 3D World get ported to the Switch, I’ll be there for those as well.

Heck, I bought a second version of the Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection because it was on sale for the Nintendo Switch. Justified it by telling myself I’d play it more than my PS4 version because it’s on my primary platform. Still haven’t booted it up and I might never do so. If you include all of the different ports and remasters of Street Fighter II that I own, it’s downright embarrassing. And that’s before you include the Street Fighter II arcade machine I bought (and returned).

Is the additional content in Catherine: Full Body enough to get me back into it? Maybe. Having a third “Catherine” seems like a logical move to extend that series, especially for those who experienced every ending within the original. But it will have some stiff competition from whatever other new games are out at the time and anything else still collecting dust in my backlog.

What’s your approach towards revisiting older games? Do you spend most of your playing time with games that are new experiences for you? Do you make time to revisit your personal classics? Curious to hear how you divide your time between new games versus familiar ones!

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