Stackin’ These Blocks! – Tetris 99 Live Stream

Stackin’ and stackin these blocks! Together with Heather and everyone else in the chat, we made the new Tetris 99 anthem! We also score a bunch of wins, share our video game hot takes, and I take a look back at how rough my stream was when I started!

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Full Stream


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00:00 – Intro
02:48 – First Game
20:30 – Thoughts on Classic Tetris
36:10 – Video Game Hot Takes
45:17 – 2nd Win
54:40 – Undertale Hot Take
01:03:38 – 2nd Win
01:11:15  – My Guilty Pleasure Game
01:15:00  – Board Game Talk
01:22:55  – 3rd Win
01:26:34 – Tour of My Board Game Stash
01:31:45 – Autograph Storm
01:40:52 – 4th Win
01:42:55 – Don’t Buy This Video Capture Card
01:45:40 – Music Talk
02:19:00 – 5th Win
02:20:30 – Writing the Song “Stackin’ These Blocks”
02:33:20 – First Full Performance of “Stackin’ These Blocks”
02:40:40 – Spilling the Tea on Rihanna
02:45:25 – Radio Broadcasting Advice
03:14:20 – Evolution of My Streaming Career
03:35:20 – Outro and Encore Performance of “Stackin’ These Blocks”


Big Win. Bigger Celebration!


    • Thank you samael21walter and Kdanny02 for the follows!
    • Thank you to everyone that hosted the channel!
    • Thank you to everyone that tuned in and played with me! I appreciate your company!

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