Stream Snipers! – Tetris 99 Live Stream

Stream snipers came out of the woodwork to take me down in Tetris 99. Were they successful? Between intense matches, we send our love to Chadwick Boseman, discuss games we enjoyed as kids but were always bad, and I share a bunch of new toys in my collection!

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Full Stream


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00:00 – Intro Song “Stream Snipers”
02:20 – Rest In Paradise Chadwick Boseman
11:50 – Favourite MCU Movies?
11:45 – Webcam or No Webcam for Streaming
31:00 – Preliminary Plans for Our Extra Life 2020 Campaign
45:44 – First Win
48:30 – Video Game/Music/Film “Vision Quests”
01:22:48  – Games We Loved As Kids (That Were Always Bad)
02:07:00  – Nerf Sniper Rifle and Overwatch Action Figures!
02:52:48 – What Features Do You Want to See in Tetris 99?
03:21:28 – Outro



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