Celebrating Halloween with Video Game Cosplay by Copper Key Cosplay

Happy Halloween!

Though today is the big day, my wife Copper Key Cosplay and I have been sharing an assortment of cosplay looks on her Instagram. Here’s a look at a few of the pictures we’ve taken for her Instagram, including an assortment of outfits inspired by video games!


After making his debut on my stream, Reaper headed up to the studio and was gracious enough to take a few photos! Having recently purchased the costume shirt and the two Reaper shotguns, I’m excited to go back and take more shots!

Soldier 76

Heal up, soldiers! Having gotten the gun earlier this year, I happened to grab the mask to complete the look. The LED lights in the back give this almost an NBA logo style look!

D. Va

Raising my APMs with this D. Va look! Steff did my makeup and I look fab! Now I just need to get around to building the coordinating mech suit…

Miles Morales

Miles is swinging in soon with his own Spider-Man as part of the PlayStation 5 launch! He’s also the focal point of my favourite superhero movie. Thwip!

Abigail and Jettt

Life on the farm couldn’t be better with my wife Steff as Abigail! Bonus points for being able to shoot these photos in an actual garden with a greenhouse behind us!

Snorlax and Brock

Gotta catch ’em all! Brock has fun taking photos with Snorlax and Munchlax!

Isabelle and Tom Nook

Isabelle and Tom Nook not only work hard. They play hard!

All the credit goes to Steff over at Copper Key Cosplay for the ideas, outfits, and photos! Make sure to follow her on Instagram for more amazing cosplays!

Hoping you all have a safe and fun Halloween!

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