My Favourite Rogues in Rogue Company So Far

Rogue Company continues to be an obsession of mine. Whether I hop in as a solo rogue or squad up with my crew, I can’t quit saving the day and getting paid.

Along the way, I purchased the founder’s edition and have access to entire roster as of writing. Having at least dabbled with them all, here are my favourite rogues to battle with!

The Fixer

Snipers are generally not my cup of tea in any shooter. However, I started to develop a taste for this class by dabbling with Phantom. Combine my initial sniper intrigue with The Fixer’s awesome character design and I had to give him a try.

Admittedly, it took some time to get ahold of his playstyle. He lives and dies by only having two bullet clips in his sniper rifle. Certainly a tough restriction to work within, but the benefits are worth it. In exchange, he gets to fire both bullets in quick succession. This allows him to drop anyone with full health by landing two fast body shots. Of course, he too can also down a foe with just one headshot.

When I play Rogue Company, The Fixer is now my first choice. He’s so incredibly fun to play thanks to his elite sniping abilities. Even in maps where sniping isn’t particularly effective, it won’t stop me from trying to make sniping with The Fixer a thing!


Ronin probably isn’t my most effective character at this juncture. However, she’s one of the most fun to use. Her KA30 assault rifle can quickly and fairly accurately drop foes from short-to-mid range, while also being not completely useless at distance. What really makes her stand out is her ability. Toting a ballistic knife, she can blast one or more enemies with one toss. Even if it misses, it doubles as a proximity mine. This knife has so much utility that there almost no way to use it wrong!


Dima was my first love in Rogue Company. Having the ability to launch a volley of grenades makes quite the impression, especially when a well-placed shot can down an entire team. The true star of his kit is the Mamba DMR, a 3-shot rifle that is surprisingly accurate at mid-to-long range.


Not my favourite to play, but a character I badly want on my team. As the game’s best healer, he has the ability to heal downed allies from anywhere on the screen thanks to his drone. In a game where players are incredibly reluctant to heal, having a good Saint player such as PlayerTwoStart and Switch to Decaf can really turn the tide by keeping the team alive for longer.

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