The Secret Best Fighting Game is Now Free-to-Play! – Fantasy Strike Live Stream

With Fantasy Strike going free-to-play, now is an amazing time to try out one of the best and most accessible fighting games out there! Besides singing the game’s virtues throughout, we get in a bunch of matches with Fantasy Strike pro Frostilyte, and I share a cheaper alternative to game streaming!

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Dr. Mario World and the Exploitative Nature of Free-to-Play Games

Dr. Mario World plays a cruel game of rope-a-dope with its players. Many of the levels can be beaten within reason. Be that as it may, the buzzsaw is as brutal as it is inevitable.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Check Out Paladins

Ever since I started playing it a few months ago, I have been a champion for Paladins. While the hero shooter space is dominated by one big player who I will try to avoid using by name in this piece, its presence doesn’t invalidate the fun to be had in the alternative created by Hi-Rez Studios. Yet on numerous occasions, I’ve seen and heard from players that they won’t touch Paladins with a 10-foot pole because they’re either fans of “the other game” and don’t want to let go, or they dismiss it for not being the “other game”.

That other game is fantastic. In fact, nowadays, I play it more than this one. Ultimately, you’re allowed to play or not play whatever you like. However, I think it’s unfair how overlooked Paladins is relative to what it has to offer. Because of that, I was inspired to make this list of five reasons why you should check out Paladins!

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Quarter Up: The Evolution of the Video Game Business Model

I hate the concept of free-to-play games. As someone who has grown up mostly buying boxed copies of video games at the store, I greatly dislike the idea of being given a game for free and then constantly harassed to pay later in exchange for cosmetic items or other things that directly impact my enjoyment of the experience. The fact that these games are wholly designed to maximize profits rather than to fully-realize a great gameplay experience is something I find rather gross.

Having said that, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. Video games have always been influenced by the business model behind them. Even if you go back to the arcade days where the monetization of the medium began, there was a business model driving that experience, too.

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Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate Core Fighters Review

The free-to-play business model is something that fighting games are beginning to dabble in. Tekken Revolution was the first out of the gate, which provided a smaller Tekken experience that limited the number of times you could access each mode. Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Core Fighters takes a different approach by primarily gating characters instead. Does this approach provide a less scummy experience?

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Early Tekken Revolution Impressions

Seemingly within a matter of days, the concept of the free-to-play fighting game went from zero to overdrive. Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate was first to announce that it was going free-to-play. At E3, it was revealed that the Killer Instinct reboot on Xbox One would have varying pricing options, including a free version with 1 selectable character. First out the gate though is Tekken Revolution. As an old man someone who is generally weary of the free-to-play model, I approached this as an interesting approach to fighting games and their pricing models.

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